Two Guys on Politics S1E17: Year in Review, FEMA pays for COVID deaths, All American Essay Contest

Two Guys on Politics: Year in Review, FEMA pays for COVID deaths, All American Essay Contest

S1 E17, 12-30-21

Former Congressman Bill Lipinski and former Chicago City Hall reporter Ray Hanania look back over the first 17 episodes of the podcast, discussing the assault in religious freedom in America, racism, the new Cold War with Russia and Russia’s tyrant Vladimir Putin, and China’s growing economic influence. Topics also included the rising crime in Chicago, and the fact that more than 75 percent of the 800,000 Americans who died of Coronavirus COVID were Senior Citizens 65 years of age and older and how seniors are pandered to by the government. They compared how Russia is threatening a takeover of the Ukraine to the Nazi invasion of Poland in 1939. Lipinski and Hanania also discussed how many “Democrats” in Chicago were actually more conservative especially in statewide and national elections going back to the 1950s.

Also discussed is how issues of discrimination have become bludgeons for political purposes and how many people are burdened with being racist even though they are not racist. Why can’t Americans discuss and debate controversial issues like race, Gay Rights, women’s rights, and minority rights without becoming disagreeable, or without accusing people of racism just for having a different voice. People who respond to issues by making personal attacks are basically admitting they can’t defend their positions.

Muslims, Lipinski said, are the minority group that face the highest level of discrimination and racism in America.

They also discussed how the so-called Spanish Flu was blamed on Spain but in fact it began in a military training camp in the heartland of the United States.

Finally, Lipinski discusses his All American Essay Contest for students in 6th, 7th and 8th Grade with the topic for this essay competition “Who was the greatest president?” Any student in those grades can enter the contest. The rules and awards for this essay competition is as follows: the essay must include the student’s name, address, phone number, the name of the student’s school, the school’s phone number, grade and room number. The essay must be at least 400 words but no more than 700 words.

Awards given to the First and Second Place winners in each of the three grades, 6th, 7th and 8th grades. In addition, a cash prize will be given to the First Place winner in each grade, 6th 7th and 8th grade. There is also a cash prize for the school that has the most student entries.

Entries should be mailed to Bill Lipinski, 5305 Lawn Avenue, Western Springs, IL. 60558.

For more information about this new All American Essay Contest, please email me at

“Two Guys on Politics” Podcast

Reagan Democrat Perspectives from Chicagoland’s Southwest Side

Bill Lipinski served as Democratic Committeeman/Alderman of Chicago’s 23rd Ward. Lipinski was elected to Congress in 1983 and served through 2005. He currently writes the “Right from the Center” opinion column at

Ray Hanania covered Chicago City Hall from 1976 through 1992 and writes mainstream opinion columns for The Southwest News Newspaper Group and Middle East column at the Arab News Newspaper

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