12-18-21 Two Guys on Politics: The Economic Threat from China S1E15


12-18-21 Two Guys on Politics: The Economic Threat from China S1E15

S1 E15, 12-18-21

Former Congressman Bill Lipinski and former Chicago City Hall reporter Ray Hanania look at the growing “New Cold War” this time focussing on the growing economic threat of the People’s Republic of China, the world’s most powerful Communist regime. China not only has attracted hundreds fo major American corporations to their country, allowing those companies to profit by exploiting China’s lower wage work force but also  is the largest foreign investor in American based assets from land, to corporations and Financial Debt.

“Two Guys on Politics” Podcast offers a Reagan Democrat Perspectives from Chicagoland’s Southwest Side.

Bill Lipinski served as Democratic Committeeman/Alderman of Chicago’s 23rd Ward. Lipinski was elected to Congress in 1983 and served through 2005. He currently writes the “Right from the Center” opinion column at http://www.SuburbanChicagoland.com.

Ray Hanania covered Chicago City Hall from 1976 through 1992 and writes mainstream opinion columns for The Southwest News Newspaper Group and Middle East column at the Arab News Newspaper http://www.ArabNews.com

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